Our most frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Jamersons?

We provide expert private investigators across Cambridgeshire and beyond. Our investigators are fully trained, qualified, insured and DBS checked. We are also approachable and always happy to help.

What geographical regions do you cover?

From our Cambridgeshire headquarters our private investigators cover all of the UK. Investigative work in the EU and other overseas is also possible, due to our international network of contacts.

Will you protect my personal details and other data?

Always. We only retain the data necessary for the completion of cases. These details are stored on encrypted drives and are never disclosed to other parties without your permission.

I'm nervous about calling you. What will happen if I do?

We will treat you with patience and respect and listen to you carefully. We realise that you may want to discuss difficult and sensitive matters that must remain confidential.

Can you gain access to bank accounts and medical records?

This is not possible without the permission of the holder of the account or by another authorised party. This permission is rarely given. Private investigators must act within the law at all times.

Do you charge per hour or at a fixed rate?

Both. We are flexible regarding fees and offer very competitive rates. We can also cap fees at pre-agreed rates, so you don't pay more than you can afford. Speak to one of our private investigators to find out more.

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